Membership of the Clan Mackenzie Society

Dinner in Scotland 2015, L-R Lady Eve; Ian McKenzie, Commissioner, Clan Mackenzie in Australia;
Dawn McKenzie and John Mackenzie, 5th Earl of Cromartie, Chief of Clan Mackenzie.

Membership is open to all Mackenzies, their septs or any of their descendants, as well as anyone who has an interest in the Society.

There are many reasons to join the Clan Mackenzie Society, formed to foster friendship and greater interest in the Clan amongst kinfolk and the many septs and to help preserve our Scottish heritage.

The newsletter Tulach Ard has many and varied articles about the history and heritage of the Mackenzies and about the famous Highland Regiments associated with the Clan. It may assist with your genealogy interests. It will keep you informed of the Clan’s gatherings at numerous Highland Games and give notice of other Scottish events taking place.

The Society provides a bridge to reach out across the miles to keep in contact with kinfolk in Australia and overseas.

Download an application form. Please also complete the family details form and submit it with your application.